Payment options

TechAbantu accepts any of the following means of payment:

1. Payment gateway 

Payment by cards, terminals, mobile telephones, electronic money, and payment locations is provided by Platron payment gateway.

To use one of these payment options, when you finalize your order on our site, choose the option Platron. After finalizing your order, if you chose this option, you will be redirected to the Platron site. Your information on the Platron site is fully protected and takes only a minute. Even if you have problems with making your payment on the Platron site, do not worry - they have a 24/7 support center.

Any questions that you have about payment on the Platron gateway you can address to their 24/7 support centre. Their specialists can answer your questions about payment status and any specific moments concerning any payment system.

The Platron support number is +7 (495) 228-11-48 (works 24/7)

Fees for use of their platform will be automatically added to your order.

2. Bank transfer in USD or EUR (available for legal entities)

Provided only after signing a contract with our operator, TGPO Consult, Ltd.

3. Bank transfer in RUR (available for legal entities registered in Russian Federation)

ООО «Ти-Жи-Пи-О консалт»
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Почтовый адрес: 129344, г. Москва, ул. Летчика Бабушкина, д.16к2, кв. 42
ИНН\КПП: 7716910388/771601001
ОГРН: 1187746377280
Расчетный счет: 40702810300000074557
Кор.счет: 30101810200000000700, БИК: 044525700

4. Other

We may be able to make other means available - please contact us for details.