SaaS Solutions on Blockchain

TechAbantu focuses on enterprise software, blockchain, big data and machine learning, and adjacent technologies including shared ledger, distributed ledger, and smart contracts. TechAbantu provides a number of offerings to help in the adoption, integration and realization of blockchain networks. TechAbantu also brings its expertise in other technology areas to complement or combine with blockchain and help magnify its value.


TechAbantu’s rich experience across a host of industries and domains, coupled with strong integration capabilities, helps ease the challenges of process and technology interoperability across the ecosystem, while addressing important aspects such as security and privacy of shared data, consensus management, data exchange standardization, and business process re-alignment across network participants. Customer service and convenience are at the core of what we do. The TechAbantu team is available 24 hours a day to provide continual monitoring and support with the SLA that you need for your business.

Industry Experience

  • Extensive domain expertise
  • Information security
  • Process knowledge
  • Cross-sector insights
  • Industry connections


Blockchain Offerings