Why store and archive data in blockchain?

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Almost all businesses have some form of database storage these days. So what does blockchain give you that you do not already have?

First, blockchain is a decentralized data storage technology. It can work alongside or instead of traditional databases.  Since it is decentralized, it is very tamper-resistant.

Tamper resistance is important when you want to protect your data in several different scenarios:

  • You want to ensure that information stored (e.g., the quantity of goods received at your warehouse) cannot be changed by anyone, not even by someone in your IT department. In traditional databases, a system administrator with access to your servers can log on and change the quantity in the database, facilitating theft of goods from your warehouse. With the decentralized solution, such tampering is immediately uncovered and corrected.
  • You want to track which users make which changes to data (addition, update, deletion) and roll back changes if necessary. This can be useful if you are running an open "wiki"-type system, but our blockchain-based solution can also support images and files, not just text.
  • You need to provide audit data to an outside party, proving that no one, not even your system administrators, changed any data. For example, if you are running a financial institution, and you need to prove that no one in your organization is conducting illegal practices, you may store all email, documents, and SMS in the blockchain data storage solution. No one can delete or change these records, assisting in auditing and investigation.

With the Data Management System (DMS) solution from TechAbantu, you can receive these benefits, both in a web-based interface, as well as an integrated API. The API ensures that you can access the solution from your current data storage and data handling systems, without needing to visit the TechAbantu web site. As such, the DMS solution is "invisible" to your employees and users, requiring no paradigm change or extra training.

We use a private blockchain (no hidden costs, better control) with an extra level of encryption to protect your data.

On this site we offer a "sandbox" for trying the solution. The sandbox is limited in terms of data storage volume, data types, and other factors - it is not meant to be a production solution for your business.

However, when you decide to utilize the subscription-based solution in your business, we will provide you with additional functionality:

  • Up to unlimited storage volume;
  • The ability to store images and other large files;
  • Online reporting;
  • Assistance with bringing up a node of the decentralized solution on your servers;
  • Assistance with integrating your other IT systems.

So get started today, explore, and ask questions. Our specialists are available in the chat interface on our site.